A masterpiece of precision.

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Finest ceramic art

Octagon. An eight-sided shape. An ancient symbol of perfection depicted in ceramic form for the first time by Villeroy & Boch. With this exclusive premium washbasin on a free-standing pedestal, designer Kai Steffan has achieved a real masterpiece of precision and craftsmanship. Modern and striking, while at the same time classically elegant.

Octagon is a perfect example of the new design horizons opened up by Villeroy & Boch's novel TitanCeram material: with its very delicate shapes, narrow radii and precise edges. The free-standing pedestal completes the look, transforming Octagon into a design object in its own right in the bathroom. Experience ceramic art at the highest level.

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A luxurious work of art

Complex manual processes are applied to transform the trio of fine materials into a luxurious work of art with its own unique character. The washbasin is the heart of the concept. TitanCeram, Villeroy & Boch's innovative ceramic material for exclusive premium designs with exceptionally delicate shapes. The washbasin's impressive design features a faceted effect inside the basin, reminiscent of a precious stone, which comes together with the rounded exterior to create an emotional tension. 

The elegant decorative copper band serves as a gleaming transition to the hand-fitted pedestal finish. Choose your favourite from the four elegant options of real wood veneer, slate, leather and leather look.

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PS Smoky Slate

Flamboyant slate emphasises the pedestal's sculpted outline

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PR Dark Chestnut

Elegant real wood veneer with individual grain details

[Translate to thai:] [Translate to thai english:] Octagon, PQ Mocha Leather

PQ Mocha Leather

Exclusive leather finish with a natural structure

[Translate to thai:] [Translate to thai english:] Octagon, PT Mocha Finish

PT Mocha Finish

Elegant leather look with a smooth finish

[Translate to thai:] [Translate to thai english:] PU JetBlack Leather

PU JetBlack Leather

Genuine premium leather in a deep black colour. Elegance meets nature in a beautiful harmony. 

[Translate to thai:] [Translate to thai english:] Octagon collection from Villeroy & Boch

Enhanced aesthetics

Create additional design highlights by combining different tap fittings:

  • wall-mounted tap fittings
  • floor-standing tap fittings

A harmonious configuration for your bathroom

Combine Octagon with the stylish Squaro Prestige bath to give your bathroom an even more exclusive look. The Mocha Finish and Dark Chestnut options complement each other perfectly. 

The award-winning design of the Squaro Prestige bath and exquisite surface finishes create a unique and stylish effect. Individually hand-fitted with the finish of your choice, the bath becomes a truly sophisticated signature piece in your bathroom.

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Simply unique, multiple award winning

In 2015, Octagon received the prestigious GOOD DESIGN™ Award and was a finalist at the Boutique Design trade fair in New York, in the "Best Product Design" category for the bathroom sector. The innovative design has impressed design experts once again in 2016: Octagon has been selected to receive the iF DESIGN AWARD, one of the most important design prizes in the world.

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