Wellness at home
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The bathroom isn't just for showering and brushing your teeth. It is a place to focus on our wellness and relax, prepare for the day and leave our worries behind us. By enjoying small moments of relaxation every day, you will prevent stress for a long time – and your home will become an oasis of peace.


It hurts, it burns – it’s tense

Muscle tension is one of the most common diseases of civilization, as several studies have shown. Anyone who sits too much during the day or at work or does not move properly will soon develop an incorrect posture and a tense back. This is unpleasant and should not be taken lightly:

A permanent false posture can quickly lead to chronic pain and eventually end in a pinched nerve that ties you to bed for days or even weeks. To prevent this from happening in the first place, we have compiled a number of wellness tips to help prevent and relieve tension.

Solutions to ease tension

Promote recovery with a healthy lifestyle

There are several ways to fight tense muscles and the associated pain. Many people immediately reach for medication to fight pain. Ibuprofen, paracetamol, ASS and naproxen are the most popular helpers. However, the medicine cabinet should not be your first stop – there are gentle and natural ways to relieve tension.

Wellness starts with nutrition: sufficient magnesium, for example from whole grain products, spinach or bananas, prevents muscle tension. You should also drink enough to keep your muscles supple. Finally, the best remedy against tension is regular exercise – you may have heard people say "keep moving to stay healthy", and for people with desk jobs, this is more important than ever. If muscle tension does occur, there are two other therapies.

Massage and heat therapy to ease tension

The first remedy that comes to mind for treating tension is manual or massage therapy. This involves loosening muscle knots by applying gentle or firm pressure, which in turn releases tension in the muscle fibres. This can be done by a professional massage therapist or even by yourself at home. If the pain is acute and severe, a gentle massage can also be pleasant.

The gentlest method of relieving tension is heat therapy. The muscle is warmed up with infrared light, heating pads or a bath, which promotes blood circulation. Adhesions are transported away quickly. Whirlpool tubs or bathtubs with massage jets combine these methods in one home wellness system. Strong jets of water knead your muscles in a hot relaxing bath. One trick is to rub the affected muscle area with an essential oil such as mint oil before getting into the tub. From the outset, this ensures a significantly stronger blood circulation, supports the healing effect of the bath by creating a pleasant contrast of hot and cold sensations, and clears the head.


Relieve stress

All-round relaxation

In addition to incorrect posture, stress is a frequent companion in our daily lifestyle. In an increasingly fast-paced world, it is important to take breaks and eliminate sources of stress. This is not only true in quiet phases, but is also a must during very stressful times.

Stress burdens not only the psyche, but also the body – often with lasting consequences. Therefore, taking a an occasional break in the middle of a strenuous work day or while managing a family is not a sign of laziness, but of wisdom – only people who know how to take care of themselves are able to take good care of others.

Phases of stress

Breaking the vicious circle

Stress in itself is not a bad thing. The right amount of pressure promotes concentration and performance, because if you want to achieve great things, you have to be present with mind and body. But when stress becomes chronic, your health is in danger. Ambitious and active people are particularly at risk. The "alarm state" of stress is reflected in increased motivation and full commitment, whether at work or in family life. In doing so, your own wellness is often neglected. This can cause you to lose sight of the big picture and push yourself over your personal limit if you do not relax enough. This is often followed by a phase of resistance in which personal matters are ignored and you withdraw from your social environment. By ignoring the important, restful phases of the day in favour of the source of stress, life becomes dull – you only live for work, the project or the family. In the worst case, this can lead to a feeling of emptiness which you no longer have the strength to break out of – burnout or depression are often the result. There are several successful ways to get out of this vicious circle or to avoid it altogether.

Balanced diet

You are what you eat

A healthy, balanced diet has absolutely no disadvantages. A body that gets all the important nutrients is able to perform at its best. Variety is important for a healthy diet and lifestyle. Fresh fruit and vegetables are rich in essential vitamins and minerals that keep you fit. Furthermore, they contain a lot of dietary fibre to aid in digestion. Lots of water and tea prevent dehydration and keep the skin looking young.

So-called "empty calories" from fast food, soft drinks, alcohol or sweets provide a lot of energy but very few nutrients and, unlike vegetables or protein, do not make you feel full for long – they cause weight gain because the feeling of hunger returns shortly after eating. Therefore, they should be enjoyed in moderation. Occasional comfort food is perfectly okay – after all, you have to treat yourself from time to time. In addition to the right ingredients, the way you eat is also of crucial importance. Do not eat while walking, standing or working, but allow yourself the time to really do something for your personal wellness and take a break to enjoy your meal. Your body will thank you for it..

Relax and rest

Leave your worries behind

It may sound trivial, but a short deep breathing session can work wonders against stress. Sit in the sun and simply let your mind wander during your lunch break. A short nap before the children come home from school will give you more energy for the rest of the day – "power napping" is just a modern term for a well-known activity. A short siesta of about 15 to 30 minutes relaxes the body and mind.

Afterwards, you can get back to work quickly because you won’t fall into a deep sleep in such a short time. Last but not least, it is essential to get enough sleep on a regular basis. A relaxing bubble bath will help you sleep deeply and well – after all, tomorrow is another day.



A rolling stone gathers no moss. This old saying has not only given the Rolling Stones their name, it is a good principle to follow in general. Office jobs, cars and the cosy couch at home encourage a very sedentary lifestyle in our modern society. Typical diseases of civilization are the result: obesity, tension, back pain. Therefore – particularly if you have a job where you sit a lot – it is important to make sure you get enough exercise, because your body needs to be active to avoid getting lethargic.

Get adequate exercise

A jog around the block before going to work in the morning wakes you up and keeps you fit. Just two or three sessions per week will produce noticeable effects. And why not ignore your car and take the bike or walk to work or appointments in spring and summer? People who cycle even short distances every day stimulate their circulation, build muscle and strengthen their heart. Even seemingly small things can have a big impact: for example, people who do their shopping on foot instead of by car or take the stairs instead of the lift effortlessly incorporate regular exercise into their wellness routine.

Small steps to a healthy lifestyle

Not everyone can start jogging or cycling long distances overnight. However, this does not mean that you should forgo exercise at all. One or two leisurely walks of thirty minutes, for example after lunch, get the circulation going, stimulate the muscles and keep the joints supple. You can set your own pace and don't have to rush. You can also enjoy the sun when the weather is nice – this will make you feel good and helps create that all-important vitamin D.

Hot bath with soothing music

Wellness for the bathroom

You don’t always have to overexert yourself doing sports to achieve a healthy lifestyle – sometimes, it is best to sit back and relax! Of course, this is best done while enjoying a bubbling water massage in a nice warm bath that soothes the muscles. The right lighting is also part of this wellness experience. A comprehensive lighting concept with indirect, dimmable lights ensures a comfortable brightness. What else do you need for ultimate relaxation? Music, of course.

Our favourite music automatically relaxes us and puts us in a calm and happy state of mind. Even with your ears submerged in blissful bubbles, you can enjoy your favourite tunes thanks to the excellent sound conduction properties of water. At Villeroy & Boch, you will find everything you need to create the perfect atmosphere for your home wellness oasis, from lighting to sound systems.


Personal hygiene and grooming

Taking care of your body

People who do something for themselves can do more for others, and taking time for yourself means taking care of your own body. The morning and evening grooming ritual is a moment of regeneration.It is more than just a quick shower and brushing your teeth. A soothing moisturising cream rejuvenates the skin and prevents it from drying out. Especially damaged hands, from cleaning, doing the washing-up or other physical work, benefit from soothing lotions – and this applies to both men and women.

A gentle peeling cleanses the skin and provides a fresh, pleasant feeling. Transform your own bathroom into your private home spa with the right wellness routine. Whatever your grooming habits may be, you should always set aside the time you need – because personal wellness starts at home.


Time for you

Take a wellness break

Whether your healthy outlet is sports, eating, enjoying a bath in the evening, reading a good book or spending time in your hobby room, one thing is certain: you must look out for yourself and take enough time to focus on your own needs if you wish to avoid stress and all its negative consequences. It is never a bad thing to take a short break and then face the challenges of everyday life with fresh energy.